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41 days!!!!!

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  • 41 days!!!!!

    Looking back now it seems to have gone so fast, I still can't really believe I'm still smoke free after 41 days.

    It was hands down the best thing I've ever done in my life, quitting smoking.

    I hope I can stay strong and never smoke again. I don't have many cravings anymore so lets hope, although I've heard at 3 months it can get a bit rough?

    Anyway here is a list of things that has happened in the last 41 days.

    -My complexion is back to normal, in fact it's glowing. I had such a problem with red skin around my nose and mouth and now it's all gone!

    -I started eating more healthy and exercising. Feeling and looking a thousand times better then I ever did when I smoked.

    -Have sooo much more energy.

    -Have saved a great deal of money. Putting it aside for overseas travels.

    -I use to suffer a bit from depression, it has now gone. When I look back at the person I was it doesn't ever seem like me. I can't believe I use to live like that.

    -My life is already becoming so much more fuller. My self confidence is back, and through this quitting process I've managed to rid a whole bunch of fears that had been holding me back. I've really grown out of the negative person I was. I'm ready for anything that comes my way in 2011, and I except amazing things from this year.

    -AND my clothes don't stink of disgusting smoke!!

    Well I know it has only been 41 days, and I could slip up if I'm careful. But I believe I won't. Hopefully next time I post I'll be at 3 months!!!!!!!

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    so happy to hear 41 days. it gives me hope!! tomorrow is 10 days for me and im happy and feeling healthier!! congrats on your 41 days!! for the first time since i quit i didnt think to have a cig after dinner!! i ALWAYS had one right after dinner so this is something for me not to even think about it! again congrats and keep up the good work
    one day at a time for the rest of my life

    said no to smoking since january 1, 2011 :cool

    one year quit and loving it!!


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      I was just reading your post thinking how amazing it must feel to be at 41 days and then it suddenly hit me that I am on day 41 too!

      I do still have the odd craving but I have now reached the point where I simply do not want to smoke. If someone was to offer me one now, I could easily say no thanks and feel absolutely fine about it. Major turning point for me!

      Well done to you! I hope you feel as proud as me


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        Way to go! You're doing fantastically well, and it's great to hear.

        Smoked for 24 years
        Quitting method: cold turkey
        Last smoked 22/12/10

        "When it comes to silencing the inner voice, the secret is repeated conscious choice."
        - Woofmang Tales from the Quit. To read the whole article, click here. What the man says is TRUE:


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          Sorry, I'm confused??? Your quit date is 01/11/10??? how does that make 41 days surely that would be 70 + days ??? in which case you should be in Month 3.

          Either way congrats on getting this far.
          Aged 33, smoked for 25 years, 14 a day - Quit 13th October 2010 @ 21:30 - Cold Turkey - One Minute, One Hour, One Day at a Time Relapse June 14 and stopped 16th April 15. N.O.P.E from now on If you're smoking today, it's because you've chosen to smoke today. if you're a recovering nicotine addict, like me, and you're not smoking today, it's because you've chosen not to smoke today. it's that simple. Kevin Foster. The Tales, Choose Your Pain, The Nicodemon


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            @Levs - whoops it should have been 1/12/10. Then I realised my last one was 5 minutes before midnight on the 30/11/10 - so I guess that is my quit date!

            @Helsbelles - Thank you!

            @Gemma - Wow congrats to you as well. Keep it up, we'll try and reach the end of the year being healthy! Exactly the same as me, some times I get a odd craving from old triggers, but I simply don't want to smoke at all.

            @im a quitter - Good luck on your quit, I'm glad you are feeling happier and healthier. yeah the old triggers are hard, but I promise it gets way easier. Just keep sticking it out!


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              Hi Sammy

              Another November quitter made it through to the new year
              Congratulations on your journey so far. It's not been an easy ride sometimes, but we're getting there. Nice to hear you so positive. Keep it up.

              Rachel xx
              Smoked 25+ a day for 21 years
              Quit Monday 15th November 2010
              Using Champix - Lasted just under 6 months

              New quit date - 8pm 1st July 2012

              Aiming to pay off my debts with the money saved and go to the caribbean for my 45th birthday instead


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                Hi Rachel!
                Thanks and congrats to you as well. Yeah there have sure been a fair few tough times.
                I'm glad to know that you quit in November too, it helps me knowing that other people are going through the same things!
                We can stay strong.