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When will the bleeding gums stop ???

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  • When will the bleeding gums stop ???

    First time on this forum, so hello to everyone.

    I've hit three months off the fags as of today and it's been a breeze. Thank you Champix.

    Everything's great so far - I only go to the cashpoint once a week, I don't feel like I have to keep my distance when I talk to people, my clothes don't stink, I don't get breathless running up the stairs...

    ...but the one thing that I'm still getting, after three months, is the bleeding gums. I've switched to a softer brush but it doesn't stop it. How long should this go on for because it's really getting on my nerves now.

    My additional concern is that it doesn't just happen when I brush my teeth - it can often happen after eating, and it's not uncommon for me to have a funny taste in my mouth all day. I've been rinsing with Corsodyl after every brushing but that hasn't stopped it either (it has however stained my teeth a bit, I think).

    Can anyone offer any reassurance ???



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    best advice, go to the dentist with all that saved cash and get yourself checked and maybe hygenist appointment - corsodyl is a nightmare for staining

    well done though, sounds like your doing great !
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      go to the dentist. I had this a little bit after brushing a month or so after quiting but it didnt last long, sounds like you case is quite extreme and defo go to the dentist. Look at your gums in the mirror and try to see if they have receded down much as years of smoking will do that and if so thats a likely reason for the bleeding. Stoping smoking is the best thing you could have done to reverse this and it will take a bit of time but the gums will heal themselves and the bleeding is likely to be a sign of this.
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        Welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting to three months, brilliant.

        If you enter 'bleeding gums' into the search tab at the top of the page you will find lots of posts about this that may help you.

        Read as much as you can about why you smoked it will help you to stay stopped. There is a lot of info in our signatures to help. Share your experience with others and you will get ideas and help and in turn you will help others.

        Best wishes.

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          I have the same

          I'm fag free for 3 months 2 weeks, my gums bleed bad, I have gone for kids brush (Pink Hello Kitty one - I love it) I floss and rinse/ gargle will salt water it's getting a little better. My dentist said this was normal, for a new quitter. my teeth are getting a little whiter