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Carbon Monoxide readings.How much was yours?

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  • Carbon Monoxide readings.How much was yours?

    Just curious as to what your reading was before your quit?
    Mine was 78 and the Stop Smoking Nurse said it was her highest reading from a patient in all her time of practising.
    Equivallent of being poisoned to death in a house fire

    She had said this to me before when my reading was 68.

    She checked my last reading which was 1 (1 weeks after quitting) I felt so glum when she said that.

    Nikki x
    Smoked 40 a day for 24 years.
    Patches and inhalator 26/10/11 quit date

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    Hi Nikki

    Don't be glum about that reading for sure it was very high I don't remember what mine was but it to was above 60

    Rather view it as proof that you can do this you know how rapidly that reading came down last time in just a few days so there you have the proof you need to really make this quit your last ever


    Marg xxx
    68 years old smoked since I was 15 minumum 20 daily

    Lots of previous quits finally saw the light 17th Nov 2008

    This time used I used Champix, willpower and this forum


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      That does sound high, my first reading was 12 and then the 2nd time it was 0 and then 1 on the last visit, although it is dependant on how much you smoked prior to your quit, where you live (will be higher in a city) and if you are surrounded by smokers.

      However, if your last reading was 1 then that is fab, what a difference to what it was, anything below 4 is the reading of a non smoker.

      Fay x
      Starting Champix: 28/08/09
      Quit Date: 04/09/09

      Smoked 20 cigarettes a day
      Smoked for 16 years