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Champix 12 weeks and NHS

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  • Champix 12 weeks and NHS

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone been prescribed champix past the 12 week course on the NHS?

    My nurse won't give me any more than the 12 week course and just wondered if it is the same all over the country, I have been taking one tablet a day since day 30 and been ok so I will keep taking one a day for the rest of the treatment and it will last a lot longer then. Just want to make sure I have broken the habit side of things completely.

    Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
    My name is Bev
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    Hi Befly

    I'm only on day 9 of champix.Day 1 of my quit though! But when I saw the nursey on Tues she said that after 12weeks they would give me a 'tapering off' dose. Cos apparently people can relapse if they sto taking champpix suddenly.
    I come under Bedfordshire PCT .
    karen xx
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      Hi Kazza,

      Yeah I know you have to come off them slowly and coz I didn't feel that I needed to take two a day I thought I would rather be on them for longer coz it said in the studies I have read that less people relapse if they have a follow on 12 week course. The nurse wasn't very happy that I was only taking one a day and keeping the others but I said as long as it works for me I couldn't see the problem. I thought I would take one a day for a few more weeks and then for the last few weeks just have half a day and then half every other day.

      Anyway she said I can't have any more now coz I have had my quota.

      Don't think it will be a problem though.

      Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
      My name is Bev
      smoked 30 roll ups a day
      smoked for 36 yrs
      Method: Champix, Hypnotism, e-cig, Allen Carr!
      Quit date: 01 June 2014
      Last cig smoked: 31st May 23.30hrs


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        I've tried all the different methods and the doc put me on to Champix a month ago.

        I stayed on the full dose for two weeks but because of interrupted sleep at night I decided to cut it down to one a day which I normally take around about ten'o'clock in morning.

        It has stopped the bad sleeps, and I am managing to keep away from ciggies.

        certainly I think Champix is a wonderfull alternative to patches, gum but like them all the will power has to be there also.

        good Luck to you all.


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          I discussed with locum gp about reducung my doseage to 1 tab a day on my third month and have been fine i have 7 days tabs left and i have an appt with my gp next friday she is going to give me a further 2 week supply of the lower doseage tab to see how i get on. When they did the trials, people who had extended doseage seemed less likely to return to smoking, which was a concern of mine which i will discuss with my gp when i see her next
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            hi all - the other side is in sight

            i have been given up 14 weeks tomoz and have been using champix. I was worried that the doc would not give me anymore champix so i started lowering my dose at 10 weeks approx. i am now down to half a tab and am coping, but i have to say i do panic a bit at the thought of coming of completely has anyone come through to the other side????/
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